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Breaking Down Mammoth Coordination Tasks with Miron Construction

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    Digestible, cloud-based models are a must-have to run successful, large-scale industrial projects. Join us as we look behind the scenes at two real-life industrial projects by Miron Construction. We'll discuss what worked and what didn't and show how we tackled a $150 million industrial facility by breaking it down into manageable chunks using BIM 360 software. We'll then explore how Autodesk Construction Cloud, Navisworks, Revit, and other powerful tools became crucial to navigating our current $300 million industrial project.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about managing complexity by breaking up models in model coordination for online viewing.
    • Learn how to speed up your workflows and eliminate tedious tasks by building simple automation into your project.
    • Learn how to visualize and accurately track equipment from OEM vendors directly in the project model.
    • Learn how to improve cross-company collaboration with Bridge in Autodesk Construction Cloud.