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Beyond Fabrication: Using Revit Fabrication Parts for Spec-Driven Design

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    Frustrated with repeated model quality and coordination issues with piping models on your projects? Come join this class to learn how SSOE has adopted Revit Fabrication Parts on many of its industrial and manufacturing projects for initial design modeling. Discover how Revit Fabrication Parts can enable specification-based modeling—something that traditionally would have been accomplished with other products such as AutoCAD Plant 3D software. We’ll cover the benefits of using one common platform (Revit) to complete building design as well as when we should or should not use specification-based modeling. Finally, we’ll discuss unique challenges SSOE faced as an AE firm as we adopted Revit Fabrication Parts, and how we overcame those obstacles to produce higher-quality designs for our clients—saving them time, trouble, and money.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the benefits of spec-based piping design.
    • Learn about assessing the differences between and characteristics of Revit families and Revit Fabrication Parts.
    • Learn how to evaluate quality and efficiency gains on projects using Revit Fabrication Parts.
    • Learn about challenges encountered during implementation of Revit Fabrication Parts at SSOE.