Lecture    MP2462
Beyond 3D: Improve Efficiency by Using Revit MEP for Mechanical Calculations
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This class focuses on improving efficiency and consistency in your models by making the best use of the calculations available in Revit MEP software. Live demonstrations using real project models show how the calculations that are built into Revit MEP can be made to work for you and where the limitations lie. We cover calculations for duct and pipe pressure drops, equipment duties and flow rates, and rule-of-thumb space loads. We look at what is available in the box and explain how you can add your own calculations to equipment and to spaces. The class takes advantage of the more open API in Revit MEP 2014 and makes use of new add-ins that change the calculation methodology used within Revit to suit your standards. All of these methods can help to link mechanical calculations to your drawings and schedules, cutting out much time compared to traditional processes and enabling far better consistency throughout your project.

Key Learnings

  • Set up Revit MEP to use calculations that are relevant to you
  • Edit families to automatically calculate engineering parameters
  • Include space calculations based on architectural models
  • Describe the limitations and explain workarounds of the various mechanical calculation abilities in Revit MEP



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