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Become a Legend in Your Industry with CAD Leadership

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    You don’t always have control over the software you use, the hardware you get, the drafting and design standards, or the workflow processes in your company; and reducing labor hours sometimes means reducing profit. Sometimes the workflow process, which you have no control over, is causing the very issue you’re meant to fix or work around. In this course, you’ll learn strategies for automation and how to protect your intellectual property so all the code you write belongs to you. Among those strategies for automation, we’ll go over the implementation and maintenance of CAD standards in a nonabrasive manner that your team will easily embrace. We’ll go over how to turn your ideas for improvements into a KPI (key performance indicator)-driven plan for increasing quality, accuracy, and speed while providing increased value-add to all stakeholders. We’ll discuss mentoring and sponsoring. In conclusion, we’ll discuss throttling the pace of expectations.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover strategies for automation and protecting your intellectual property
    • Learn strategies for implementation and maintenance of drafting standards with automation
    • Learn how to develop a measurable results path forward for your company (KPI Plan)
    • Discover the importance of mentoring and sponsoring teammates and throttling the pace of expectations