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Become a Fusion 360 Simulation Expert in 60 Minutes

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    <p>Fusion 360 Simulation software offers a rich set of analysis types to simulate real-world problems. Whether it’s simple static stress, optimizing a shape to reduce weight, or simulating a bird hitting an airplane, it’s all there. One of the biggest challenges is to set up the simulation properly so the results are reasonable. Interpretation of results to selection of the best alternative for manufacturing is another challenge. While demystifying simulation with tips and tricks from community forums, we will also highlight the pitfalls one needs to avoid. Collaboration and knowledge sharing are key to mastering simulation tools.</p>

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to set up Fusion 360 Simulation analysis with loads and constraints
    • Learn how to interpret simulation results
    • Gain tips and tricks
    • Learn how to avoid pitfalls when using Fusion 360 Simulation