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New Capabilities in Sim 360

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    This roundtable session focuses on forthcoming capabilities in Sim 360 cloud-based software, including fluid flow simulation (CFD) and design optimization. We will start with CFD and introduce new techniques for quickly setting up and solving models, going from a sample design in the Fusion 360™ cloud service to all the way through reviewing, interpreting, and comparing liquid or gas flow results. The second part of the session will focus on design optimization workflows in Sim 360. We will demonstrate new options for defining multiple design objectives and then rapidly testing many alternatives at once using the cloud. No prior simulation experience is required; however we will compare and contrast the unique collaboration, geometry editing and simplification, and solving capabilities in Sim 360 with those available in other simulation packages.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify the main industries and application areas for CFD analysis
    • Set up a CFD simulation in Sim 360
    • Review and interpret CFD results in Sim 360
    • Evaluate when to use CFD capabilities in Sim 360