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BamCore showcases their carbon impacts via Autodesk Ecosystem

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    Microdesk Co-Innovation Lab collaborated with BamCore through the Autodesk Foundation to show the value and benefits of their products to clients within the industry. Utilizing the Autodesk-provided design analysis ecosystem, we showcase the energy and carbon advantages BamCore’s products can bring to the design. The developed custom workflow allows BamCore to rapidly obtain comparative energy and carbon impacts and present them to their clients without future support. We also set up the groundwork and created a phased journey to navigate the Future of Work, aiming to include an interactive UI dashboard for rapid ROI analysis. We compare BamCore technology vs. typical constructions to ensure Microdesk and BamCore co-create meaningful and inspirational future impacts toward resilient and low-carbon buildings.

    Key Learnings

    • 1. Define required data for energy and carbon performance calculation.
    • 2. Identify the necessary metrics for product selection to achieve low carbon design.
    • 3. Create Revit families that can facilitate product-specific energy and carbon performance.
    • 4. Evaluate product-specific energy performance using Autodesk Revit and Insight workflow for early design feedback.