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From BIM Zero to BIM Hero, Managing the Skills Gap to support BIM adoption

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    BDP has moved from a practice with workflows solidly grounded in 2d to becoming the first BIM Level 2 business globally. As part of this transition it was recognized that the change required could only be achieved through ensuring staff had appropriate skills to successfully deliver technological change across the business. The class will describe the strategic decisions made by BDP and the influences on the direction the business took. It will further outline the structure put in place to support BIM adoption, the skills gaps identified and how these were addressed. A review will also be presented of the challenges encountered at each stage, from pilot project through to the current position with over 70% of technical staff regularly using BIM Software across some 620+ projects. Issues encountered at various project stages will be highlighted with solutions to overcome these also described. BDP's forward looking strategy will also be discussed with staff sit at it's heart.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the stepf necessary for BIM adoption
    • Understand the support mechanisms necessary for staff members
    • DEvelop strategic business plans for BIM adoption
    • Recognise the importance of continual improvement in BIM practice