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BIM 360 with BAM Construction: Standardization, Digital Transformation, and the Power of Data!

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    Join Duncan Alexander, digital construction manager on BAM Construct UK’s journey with BIM 360 software. Duncan has worked for BAM Construct UK for 15 years, specializing in the implementation of the latest innovative construction technologies and processes. It is his passion to lead the digital transformation within BAM Construct UK to make the firm a leader in the construction industry. As a leader of the UK Digital Construction Team, he has helped achieve the firm’s digital business objectives by embedding process and technology through preconstruction to delivery on-site and into operation across all its business units. He has standardized and embedded digital solutions like BIM 360 Field (Classic) software in projects and business systems in an easily understood, jargon-free way that has driven the firm’s predictable performance. He has a passion for understanding business needs and applying years of skills and experience to implement innovative change while at the same time adding value projects to deliver on time, on budget, and of the highest quality. He has used BIM 360 software for projects ranging in value and complexity across multiple sectors, including education, retail, accommodation, health, and entertainment. This session will cover the following subjects: BIM 360 Field (Classic) pilot project; BIM 360 Field (Classic) UK-wide deployment; the importance of standardization; lessons learned; moving to BIM 360 next generation; and understanding the power of data with Project IQ.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about standardization.
    • Discover connected systems.
    • Learn about understanding data.
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