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Automating Design Checks for Substation Projects

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    Learn about capitalizing on Substation Design Suite from AutomationForce, Inc., to perform design validation with AutoCAD Electrical software and Inventor software for both physical 3D designs and protection and controls design. These design validations can be used to help automate quality assurance checks that require details from each software, such as ampere rating of switches and breaker; correct orientation of breakers; correct equipment grounds; phase designations; and switch orientation. This session will cover solutions to handling these validations, including setting up new rules and further automation.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to design intelligent 3D models and 2D symbols to perform design validations
    • Learn how to configure design checks in Inventor
    • Learn how to configure design checks in AutoCAD Electrical
    • Learn how to configure Substation Design Suite to capitalize on design validations