Lecture    MA2525
Autodesk® Inventor® Workflow for Developing a Top-Down Manufacturing Shop Process
Jeff Richlin
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Autodesk Inventor software can be used to save time, money, and scrap in manufacturing. Successfully manufacturing a product is not only about the final product, it also includes how you get there. In this class, we will show you how to use Inventor to work backwards to develop all the process steps of manufacturing a part. You first design the finished part you need, then use iParts and iLogic to engineer all the steps that are needed to get from a block of steel to a finished part. We will show you a workflow that takes advantage of the associative abilities of the "i" tools. As your finished product evolves, all of the production steps change as well. This workflow enables you to develop documentation for inspection, fabrication, work holding, fixturing, and machining 3D models of each progression. You can use stress analysis of parts in process to ensure that the process won't damage the final product. We will also offer tips and tricks that will help manufacturing engineers incorporate Inventor on the shop floor.

Key Learnings

  • Use associative properties and parameters for steps in a process
  • Build one typical model of a family, and then automate the development steps for all variations
  • Use iParts to describe process steps from start to finish
  • Incorporate tips and tricks that are relevant to Inventor and machining


 Jeff Richlin
Jeff Richlin
Jeff is an Autodesk® Inventor® certified Professional user. He owns a successful company that has provided custom built machinery and automation systems for 32 years. His clientele includes companies that produce products used in every facet of our lives: Medical, Commercial, Aerospace, and Automotive. Jeff has been a featured speaker at several Autodesk events including AU and World Press Day. He is an animated speaker who teaches as well as entertains. In addition to designing machinery, he is a guest lecturer at SUNY Farmingdale University for CAD and CNC machining, on the board of advisers for the Engineering and Manufacturing curriculum, co-chairs an Autodesk user’s group, and coaches a Robotics First team. Jeff is also an independent consultant offering training and engineering services.

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