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Autodesk Tandem Implementation for a Wastewater Facility

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    Definitions of digital twins are becoming similar. However, the use of digital twins varies widely, and asking 10 people about their use could yield 10 different responses. This is a story about a spatial twin and how the users began to learn the value of spatially aggregated data to help support facility operations and maintenance. Autodesk Tandem software can be used to add practical and tangible value for operations and maintenance staff. Autodesk Tandem provides us with an easy way to enable a spatial twin, leading to unmatched and simplified ways to view complex data by maximizing the rich visual aspects of building information modeling (BIM). Learn about opportunities that Autodesk Tandem can provide, lessons learned about implementation, working through the documentation of use cases, and possibilities for the future.

    Key Learnings

    • Get an overview of Autodesk Tandem.
    • Discover lessons learned from implementing Autodesk Tandem.
    • Learn about working with teams to outline opportunities and document use cases.
    • Get inspired and think about the future.