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Autodesk is in “The Mix”

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    This session will showcase how Autodesk Infraworks is being used to develop a high-resolution 3D existing conditions model of Interstate 84 /Route 8 interchange in Waterbury, Connecticut commonly referred to as “The Mixmaster”. This Infraworks model will be utilized by our design team during the development of “The New Mix”…a CTDOT program dedicated to planning for the long-term future of the Interstate 84 / Route 8 Interchange in Waterbury, Connecticut. During this session we’ll share tips and tricks for complex bridge modeling in Infraworks, as well as how we approached the use of 2D & 3D data coming from other sources such as Civil 3D, Nearmap, Sketchup, and Studio Max.

    Key Learnings

    • Build complex bridge structures using Autodesk Infraworks & Inventor
    • Using 2D & 3D data from outside sources to bump realism in your Infraworks models.
    • Tips, Tricks and Settings for making your Infraworks Models appear more realistic
    • Lessons learned from buildings a high-res Infraworks models