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AutoCAD Tips Duel in the Desert: TheMadCadr Versus the CAD Geek
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The desert sun blasts down on the pair of gunslingers. A tumbleweed rolls by. Somewhere in the distance, a hawk screams. No one knows why a hawk is inside the building, but it’s Vegas, so no one bats an eye. The men square off in the crisp climate-controlled air of The Venetian. Their fingers poised over their mouses and keyboards, ready to let loose with a salvo of clicks and command line inputs to see who has the hottest AutoCAD tip in town. With so many drawing variables at play, it’s impossible to say who will share the most commanding tip. The only guarantee is TheMadCadr and The CAD Geek will present their sharpest-shooting productivity tips, tricks, and techniques for this winner-take-all duel in the desert! Although there will be but a single loser in this duel, there will be many winners who discover new ways to remove tedium and boost productivity on their projects. Cowboy boots, large belt buckles, and 10-gallon hats are optional, but you’re encouraged to pick up what these dudes are putting down.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to increase productivity with recently added features
  • Learn how to make use of underutilized features
  • Learn how to push AutoCAD to new extremes with tips known by veterans and gurus
  • Have fun!




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