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AutoCAD: Express Tools Workflow

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    Save time and become more productive when working in AutoCAD by using Express Tools. Join Shaun Bryant as he demonstrates how to implement Express Tools into your workflow, replacing formerly tedious, multistep tasks with faster shortcuts. He covers features for attributes, blocks, objects, and text, including his favorite Express Tool, Arc-Aligned Text. He also shows you how to use modification, layout, drawing, and dimension tools. This course goes beyond the familiar menus�Home, Insert, Annotate, Parametric, View, and Manage�to options that are often forgotten, so you can improve your use of AutoCAD.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use Explode Attributes, Replace Block, and List Properties
    • Work with Arc-Aligned Text and Modify Text
    • Change layouts with Align Space, Synchronize Viewports, and Merge Layout
    • Learn how to use Super Hatch