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AutoCAD Experience in the Age of the Cloud and Mobile—AUGI Roundtable
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AutoCAD software has weathered great industrial shifts and business transformations, from mainframe eras to desktop era to an era of connected experience. These advances were game changers and we are at the cusp of yet another shift. In this roundtable focused on Autodesk User Group International (AUGI) members, we will conduct a series of interactions and demonstrations to prepare for this change. We will understand how AUGI and Autodesk, Inc., together drive the change of a product that has lived through many profound changes before. We will use luma techniques in an immersive way to help design the experience for the future using, for example, Affinity Mapping and Creative Matrix. As part of the AutoCAD Experience Team that drives AUGI requests each year, this will give us a stimulating environment with AUGI to chart a course together for the future.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the impact of cloud, social, and mobile to AutoCAD software's future
  • Prepare for the future through LUMA techniques
  • Learn how to design innovations for the future
  • Learn through Affinity mapping for AutoCAD


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