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Up the Ante: Increase the Reliability of Your Revit Model with Better Modeling Habits

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    Many designers often feel it can be difficult to create models that accurately express their design intents, often trying to "beat Revit software into submission." This often leads to poor modeling habits, and in some cases, a complete lack of necessary model geometry, causing coordination issues. In this course, we'll discuss the common challenges encountered when modeling various types of building elements, and we'll cover some tips and tricks for overcoming them. We'll find some solutions are hidden right within Revit, and others may be solved with creative modeling hacks and techniques. We'll discuss modeling tips that overcome common challenges related to curtain wall and stairs/railings, as well as discuss families/content created that enable special workflow-related code compliance, site plans, and hybrid detailing. All of these techniques can contribute to increased model reliability, better-coordinated designs, and overall increased efficiency and project profits.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify some of the most common modeling challenges that occur on design projects and ways to overcome them
    • Discover the pros and cons of various modeling and documentation workflows
    • Discover specific processes and family creation techniques that enable more-coordinated workflows
    • Learn how to increase the value and reliability of your company's BIM models