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Analyze and Devise in Subassembly Composer

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    Subassembly Composer is a powerful tool for generating custom subassemblies for your corridors in AutoCAD Civil 3D software. By thinking about what your project needs in each phase of the project design you can make subassemblies that work for you. In conceptual design, you want to understand the site and visually see what you have to work with. As you progress into preliminary design, you want to gather information and start to make decisions to generate your design concept. As the design progresses, subassemblies can start to make more decisions for you. And with final design around the corner, you will finesse your design with a complete composite assembly with both your custom subassemblies and out-of-the-box subassemblies working together. With the right mindset, Subassembly Composer can generate subassemblies created especially for helping you through each of these key points in your civil designs.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create intuitive subassemblies that give you visual information at the conceptual stage
    • Learn how to create informative subassemblies that help you make key design decisions as you progress into preliminary design
    • Learn how to create decisive subassemblies as you make your corridor work for you—instead of you working for it
    • Learn how to create complete subassemblies that bring you through final design