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Advanced Revit 2014 API Features and Samples

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    This class focuses on some of the major new Revit 2014 API features. We look at API access to the project browser, dockable panels, copy and paste, command launching, the graphics pipeline, schedule formatting, and additions to the view API including demonstration and discussion of sample code. We also provide an overview of all the new Revit 2014 SDK samples. Note that prior .NET and Revit programming experience is required and that this class is not suitable for beginners.

    Key Learnings

    • Grasp the enhancements and new functionality provided by the expanded Revit 2014 API
    • Explain all the new Revit SDK samples and be able to reuse the sample code provided
    • Make use of the new direct access to the Revit graphics pipeline to easily access and export geometry primitives
    • Reuse advanced Revit API sample code that is not found in the standard SDK samples