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Is AEC Computational Design for Everyone?

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    One highly debated topic in the AEC industry over the past 5 years is this exact question: "Is Computational Design for Everyone?" Are you struggling with this question? Are you considering which team members need what training? Are you managing the infrastructure of your digital design initiatives? Are you asking if Computational Design should be a separate department or part of every designer's skillset in 2020? Is Computational Design for all designers or a select group? Have you been trying to increase buy-in for computational design across your offices? Join us as we discuss what computational design looks at offices around the world. This will be a heated discussion, so you will not want to miss it and your contribution to the industry will be invaluable to others. As an outcome we will produce a general summary, as a group, that helps define successful computational structures, and maybe discover something completely new in the process.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain a broader understanding of best practices for the structure of computational design in differing office environments
    • Collectively define what computational design competency should be expected of various roles in our organizations
    • Find answers to the questions you have about computational design in your office.
    • Understand what professional development paths look like for computational design savvy gurus