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5 Pillars of Effective CAD Management

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    In my 10 years with CAD, I've only met a handful of people lucky enough to have a full-time job as a CAD manager. Most of us got to be a CAD manager because we had a powerful feeling that we could get our jobs done more easily if we could just get our CAD tools sorted out (and because no one else wanted to do it!). This class is for people who want to be CAD managers, people who have become CAD managers by accident, and people who do the CAD manager’s job and don’t get any credit for it! In this class, we will discuss 5 key areas that you must attend to as a CAD manager to support your team and effect your team’s productivity. Finally, we will discuss tools for putting these 5 key areas onto a productivity road map to help you plan a phased improvement. Whether you’re managing CAD at your company officially or unofficially, please come and join us for this lively and informative class. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the 5 pillars of effective CAD management
    • Learn how to manage these 5 key areas to improve productivity
    • Discuss how to prioritize planned improvements
    • Learn how to plan a phased improvement over time