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3D Substation Design—A Brownfield Approach

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    With Inventor software and the Substation Design Suite from Automationforce, Inc., you can utilize existing CAD files to complete projects in 3D. Quite often it isn’t financially viable to model an entire existing site, but you can still design your project in 3D and produce revised substation drawings, making parts of an existing station intelligent. Combining a new 3D model with existing 2D drawings enables utilities to benefit from the power of 3D design while saving time and money by eliminating the need to reverse engineer from site visits, markups, and other information that is needed to piece together the current as-constructed state of a substation. This session will cover possible workflows and use cases for brownfield design, which include setting up new 3D models and drawings with legacy 2D data as well as managing an existing bill of materials to add, change, or delete items based on a project.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to design in 3D with the intention to combine with existing substation drawings
    • Learn how to configure Inventor drawings with existing CAD files
    • Learn how to manage the BOM and parts lists ready for exporting to multiple Microsoft Excel sheets
    • Learn how to design with reference data such as 2D CAD files, point clouds, and AutoCAD Civil 3D surfaces