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3D Printing: An Entrepreneur's View

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    Whether it's being used in rapid prototyping and consumer products or small-run manufacturing, 3D printing has become an important part of the workflows of many hobbyists, artists, engineers, and fabrication companies. This course will look at the landscape of the 3D printing industry in order to break through the hype that surrounds it. You will discover how 3D printing is being used in the real world for both personal and professional uses. From creating art to engineering prototypes, this course will also explore the expanding use of 3D printers and their place in an enhanced design workflow. The course discusses the current state and future implications of 3D printing in the real world.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn the process of rapid prototyping and its applications.
    • Discover real-world applications of 3D printing and how you can make use of them.
    • Understand the various 3D printing processes and printers available on the market today.
    • Discover tools available that can be used to create and deploy 3D printable models.