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April 22, 2020

Cloud Collaboration Resources: Getting Started and Staying Productive

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With so many of us working remotely right now, cloud-based collaboration has never been more important. To help, Autodesk has made several cloud collaboration products available at no cost until May 31, 2020.

Sign up and get full professional access to BIM 360 Docs, BIM 360 Design, Fusion 360, Shotgun, and AutoCAD Web and Mobile. Visit the Extended Access Program page for more details and to get started.

When you’re ready to get up to speed with these tools, check out these AU classes:

BIM 360

A single source of truth for building design, construction, and operations—it’s an idea people have been talking about for a while. BIM 360 makes it real. Share the same model, the same data, and the same outcome with everyone involved from the beginning.

• Deepak Maini explains the fundamentals of collaborative workflows in BIM 360 Design and how to deliver complex projects on time and on budget in BIM 360 Design: Opening the Doors for Real Collaborative Project Execution.

• BIM 360 can help you resolve problems before they start. Anil Mistry walks you through it in Understanding BIM 360 Coordination: Clash Detection and Issue Management Workflow.

Fusion 360

Design, simulate, analyze, and fabricate products from a single unified platform—and share with collaborators and stakeholders in real time.

Get acquainted with the capabilities of Fusion Team, learn how to assign roles in the Team Hub, and configure and manage projects with Kevin Ellingson.

• Learn how to set design milestones, work with different CAD sources, and set up a library of common components. Dive in with Mastering Fusion Team Data Management.


Shotgun works with the programs you use every day, whether you’re producing commercials or making cars. Manage, track, and organize assets, tasks, and workflows.

• 3D models for a film? 3D mockups for a manufacturing workflow? 2D concept art for buildings? Learn how to lay the groundwork for succeeding in a 3D digital environment using Shotgun with Reality to 3D: Managing and Scaling the Workflows Behind the 3D That Shapes Our World.

• Take a look at what happened when Honda adopted Shotgun to improve data management.

AutoCAD Web and Mobile

Discover how to create, edit, and view CAD files anytime, anywhere, on any device, then bring them back to your desktop.

Visit the AU website to browse more classes about cloud collaboration.