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Honda R&D Americas: Shotgun-Enabled Workflow to Drive Automotive Design Studio Efficiency

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    This class will show how an innovative customer is looking at the problem of process and data management, and how Shotgun software can help solve these issues. Attendees will learn from a real case study of how an automotive design studio, first in the world to do so, chose Shotgun as the platform to manage its assets and its review-and-approval process. We’ll also discuss how the firm approached the implementation process in terms of organic adoption of the tool through a clear demonstration of value proposition, and learn about key challenges the company experienced during this process. Finally, we’ll talk about some of the benefits that key stakeholders are seeing, and where they see Shotgun contributing more in future.

    Key Learnings

    • See a real case of Shotgun in the design studio
    • Learn about the business objectives and reasons for choosing Shotgun
    • Learn how to approach Shotgun implementation
    • Learn from key challenges encountered in a real-customer implementation of Shotgun