Reaching New Heights with Modular Construction | Greg Thompson

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Reaching New Heights with Modular Construction

Modular construction isn’t new, but new processes and tools are enabling taller structures and better workflows. Greg Thompson of Skystone shows what’s possible.


Modular construction is evolving rapidly, enabling taller structures and better outcomes. Skystone, originally a traditional contractor, is today fully focused on modular strategies. For their NoMad Hotel in Manhattan, built in collaboration with Marriott, they used an integrated BIM workflow to design the building in the U.S., manufacture the hotel rooms in a Polish factory, then ship them to the building site for assembly. This approach accelerated build schedules by 20%, increased safety and building quality, and reduced costs. Greg Thompson, CFO of Skystone, shares how they’re getting the project done and why modular is so important to the future of construction.

About the speaker

Greg Thompson is CFO of Skystone Group, LLC. He has worked in various capacities at Accenture, Mouchel, and Bain & Company. He holds a degree in Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering from Trinity College Dublin.

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