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Designers, architects, and engineers know about industry change. For those who started their careers before AutoCAD, the shift from drafting boards, T-squares, and mechanical pencils to the digital realm was a significant one. Change has been continuous since—from 2D to 3D tools, from simple drafting to information modeling, from massive paper print-outs to digital files on disk to projects shared in the cloud. And at every step, designers, engineers, builders, and makers have had to learn new skills, adopt new practices, and embrace new approaches to getting the job done.

“There's a way to do it better.
Find it.” 
—Thomas Edison

Today, the changes are far from over. Some might even say that the most important transformations are still ahead. Design and engineering industries are embracing immersive technologies like VR. Computational design, generative design, and machine learning are providing new insights and expanding design possibilities. Robots are becoming more intelligent and aware; and additive and new subtractive manufacturing practices are becoming more flexible, more powerful, and more available, making them useful to fields like construction for the first time.

Innovation Everywhere

The changes affecting our industries are happening every day, on every continent, in design offices, in factories, and on construction sites.

These changes aren’t happening to us; they’re happening because of us—because of those who do the work to make our built world. If you work in these industries, you’re a part of the transformation. You’re helping move practice forward—with an innovative workflow, a novel approach to a problem, a breakthrough, a unique perspective, or an insight into what needs to happen next.

Trends, Technologies, and Turning Points

AU is where designers, builders, and makers learn to work together, leveraging the latest tools in design and automation, from robots that learn on the job to AI systems that suggest design solutions we can’t imagine.

AU is where you can learn to do more with the data you generate, including what’s available before you ever make the product or build the structure.

AU is where you can learn how to create better buildings and smarter structures, how you can improve products and shorten cycles, drive efficiency, and make collaboration easier.

It’s where we learn how industries are converging, using similar approaches and processes. It’s where builders can learn from the efficiencies achieved in manufacturing, and manufacturers can learn from the agility of construction. It’s where both architecture and manufacturing can learn from the world of entertainment and media to bring models and designs into immersive worlds, revolutionizing the design process.

It's where we can learn to break down the barriers between ideation and fabrication to create a seamless design-to-make process, enabling designers, fabricators, and users to collaborate in ways that were never possible before, working from a connected data set that gets richer with every step of the process.

New Processes and New Technologies Create New Possibilities

Today’s approaches were nearly unthinkable a few decades ago and tomorrow’s vision will soon be our lived reality. And you play a pivotal role in the process of creating a better world.

When you’re ready to learn, be ready to connect. Be a part of the transformation in your industry by being a part of the community that is helping drive the change. Be a part of AU.

Or maybe simpler put: Welcome. What do you want to learn today?

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