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Embracing new ways of working with convergence

At the Autodesk Technology Centers, convergence is helping us create better outcomes together.

The era of convergence is here, and by creating seamless connections, it’s enabling residents of the Autodesk Technology Centers Outsight Network to catalyze new opportunities for making across industries.

Workflow coordination

By using digital tools to coordinate work processes, Autodesk Technology Centers Outsight Network residents Fologram, Windover Construction, Howick, and StrucSoft Solutions work together to automate tasks and discover data insights and innovative outcomes. While construction companies such as Windover and Howick bring a wealth of AEC industry experience to the Outsight Network, the inclusion of Fologram's mixed reality technology, Autodesk Revit and Dynamo, and StrucSoft framing software truly highlight the power of workflow coordination.

On-demand customization

Autodesk Technology Centers resident Tarkka is committed to “Making precisely what’s needed, when it’s needed,” and the Tarkka Modular Motion system, which consists of a set of rails and universal connectors, reduces the development time and cost of automated manufacturing, enabling small businesses to custom-build machines for their factories and workshops without specialized tools, training, or experience.

Virtual creation

Using rich information models to make ever more accurate representations of reality, innovators are building more immersive experiences. Arkio, a collaborative design tool, accelerates the architectural design process by enabling architects, designers, and stakeholders to work collaboratively in a virtual space. The Arkio Revit plugin allows seamless import/export between Revit and Arkio.

Image courtesy of Arkio

Continuous reshaping

By making products that improve and adapt, WZMH Architects is exploring how to reshape architecture by looking for ways to better integrate innovative technology systems into modular-building processes from the start, and adding intelligence to existing structures.

Image courtesy of WZMH


Get started with convergence

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The Outsight Network

The Autodesk Technology Centers Outsight Network is a global community with resident teams from industry, academic, and entrepreneurial sectors who are passionate about accelerating and researching design and make technologies. The program provides residents access to a diverse and innovative community, subject matter expertise, core programming, data-enabled fabrication workshops, and curated experiences.

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