Your invitation to a new A360!

Avatar Daniel_Graham August 18, 2015

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With a continuous focus on developing solutions that address the challenges that you face as well as incorporating your feedback early and often, I am excited to invite you to a new A360 experience.  This experience was built from the ground up to make it easier for Fusion users to create and manage their Fusion data individually or within a team environment. It utilizes a new UI framework that centers the user experience around data as opposed to social activity. Please find an overview of the new A360 here as well as instructions on how to test and provide feedback at the bottom of the post.


This new experience focuses on the three pervasive problems that we are committed to solving.


1.  Explore and iterate on product ideas quickly from concept to production


We have integrated functionality into Fusion 360 to allow you to advance designs from concept through production.  Along the way data related to the Fusion 360 design is created and we needed a new way to capture and present this information more efficiently.  To deliver this we have built a new overview and immersive viewing experience.



A360 Overview of Fusion 360 Related Data (CAM, Animations, Renderings)


A360 Immersive View of Fusion 360 Related Data (CAM, Animations, Renderings)



2.  Enable project teams and stakeholders to collaborate effectively in the product development process


To enable teams to be able to work efficiently, data needs to be easy to manage, access, and share from anywhere, any time.  To deliver upon this we now have a data driven experience as opposed to a more socially led one which showcased things like Activity very predominantly.  We have redesigned our data view to allow easy access to search, project filtering, list sorting, activity, and notifications.



A360 re-designed Project view

Once you have selected a project we have made it easy to navigate with a path bar, thumbnail or list view options, project specific Details and Activity, as well as the ability to initiate Actions directly on your data.


A360 Data view within a Project


When we think about team collaboration, our Distributed Designs functionality in Fusion enabled concurrent design work across designers and engineers.  We now present those Distributed Design references as well as Drawing references directly in A360 on the items Overview page.



A360 Item Overview showing Design Relationships (Uses / Where Used / Drawings)


To enable sharing of design progress, we have developed functionality called Live Review.  This allows multiple users to easily join a share session to synchronously review a design with no software to install.



Start a Live Review session from the View environment



Invite people into your Live Review session simply by sending them a link



All participants can utilize tools such as section, explode, and view manipulation tools and everyone’s view is synced to enable design review and discussion.

3.  Reduce the barrier to entry for a new generation of designers and engineers


As mentioned, we have delivered a new UI framework that centers the user experience around data.  This new UI is focused on being easy to use as well as feature rich.  Please find a video here walking through this new experience



In addition to what I have shown here we will be pushing out non disruptive updates every 2 weeks.  This will be based on your feedback as well as work that we have identified.


Examples of functionality coming soon:



How to get started








Thanks and I really look forward to your input!


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