We’re celebrating 6 years of Fusion 360

Keqing Song July 16, 2019 1 min read


Throwback to 2012. Here I was at Autodesk University in Las Vegas. Not only was it my first time at such grandiose event, it was the first Fusion 360 Design Slam that I’d ever participate in. They said that we were gutsy to run live, pre-release, beta software in front of a large audience, let alone use it for an on-stage challenge with multiple machines. We did it anyway, because what better way to show the world that this was the future of CAD? 


First screens of Fusion 360 being revealed to the world, Wired Magazine, 11/27/12


Back then, Fusion 360 had direct modeling for your mechanical designs and T-Splines for your swoopy forms, all built on top of an early version of what data-at-the-center for product development would mean. In 2013, Fusion 360 officially launched as a commercial product. 


Fast forward to now, and we’ve hit 6 years.



6 years of bringing people together.

6 years of enabling you to create innovative products. 

6 years of building an incredibly diverse community. 

6 years of en-powering students to think outside-the-box.

6 years of showing machinists a better way to manufacture. 

6 years of reaching out to those of you learning CAD for the first time. 


It’s hard to believe we’ve already turned 6; still feels like yesterday when we set out on this journey with you. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing. We hit some speed bumps along the way, but you were there for us. You believed in us and believed in Fusion 360, and for that, we thank you. Not only is Fusion 360 growing, we’ve also grown with it. What used to be a small team is now a global contingent, our commitment to Fusion 360 is as deep as it’s ever been, and we will continue to evolve it into the best product development platform out there.


Fusion 360 in 2013 (left) and 2019 (right)


Provide a way for engineers and designers to work closer together, solve problems earlier in the product development phase, and collaborate with each other regardless of geographic location or system platform. This was the Fusion 360 mission from day one, and still holds true more than 2,000 days later. Thanks gang for all your support, we wouldn’t be here without you.



Thank you for being rad. #fusion360gang



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