November 2022 Minor Product Update – What’s New

Annaka Ketterer November 7, 2022 2 min read


NOTICE: Important OS support information after March 2023

After the March 2023 product update, Fusion 360 will no longer fully support the OS versions listed below:

In order for us to continue developing Fusion 360 for the latest and greatest, we must stay current and end support for older OS versions. We recognize that this change may take you some time to adjust to. That’s why we are letting you know now, so you have plenty of time to update your OS to the latest version. We will continue to remind you here as well as in-product as we get closer to the March 2023 product update.


We fixed a crash issue that occured when Save Copy As was used while a flat patten update was getting computed. 

We fixed a crash issue that occurred when turning off chain faces while editing a decal.  

We fixed a crash issue that occurred after clicking Okay within the pattern dialog while doing a circular pattern.  

importshark reported an issue where internal mesh facets were unable to select in Direct Editing mode when the section view was turned on. Sorry about that, this is now fixed. 

 We noticed an issue where the save dialog box was not showing External components in the right order of assembly. This is now fixed.  


Some of you have reported an issue where cloud/local renders which included mesh objects appeared distorted. This is now fixed. 


We noticed an issue which caused the Text Commands panel and Sheets panels to look ununiform when docked with other panels. This is now fixed.  

We fixed an issue where pressing ESC or the Stop command would not cause the Pin/pad array to disappear when using Pin/Pad Array. This should now work as expected.  

We noticed an issue where the Pin/Pad array result will not properly generate if the name contains invalid or reserved characters. To add clarity around this, entering an invalid name will now show an error and not generate a preview until the name no longer contains invalid or reserved characters.  

We fixed a crash issue that occurred when undoing the Pin/Pad array preview.  

We fixed an issue that occurred when wiring a net where the bend style set was not the default bend type.  


Looking for the latest post processors and machines updates? This November we released a ton of new updates and improvements to many of the open-source Post Processors and Machines we offer for free. Within this release you will see the addition of the Re3D addictive FFF post processor and a new Okuma Inspection Beta post processor, as well as improvements to generic post processors, milling post processors, mill-turn post processors, and additive post processors. Additionally, we added new machines to our machine library and improved functionality around the Autodesk CAM Post Processor engine.

To learn more check out the forum post here.

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