Learning Fusion 360 just got a little easier

by StephenWolf 5 years ago 2 min read

Over the past few months, we’ve been taking action on what you’ve been telling us in the community forums and in person: 
  • There are many ways to create geometry in Fusion 360—just tell me the right way to do it
  • Publish step by step work flows so we can see what works and why—and explain the why
  • Video tutorials often go too fast for people who are new to Fusion or to 3D CAD tools
To address the needs you’ve called out, we decided to focus on three things.
1. We’ve updated our Basic Training material and re-launched it in easy-to-follow web pages. This should help you get oriented faster on best practices for sketching, sculpting, building assemblies, rendering, creating drawings, using CAM, and managing your design data and collaborating with team members, not to mention other key workflows.
   Learning Fusion just got easier 1.png
2. We’re in the middle of a project with the expert team at SolidProfessor to build a comprehensive set of video lessons and hands-on exercises. You can dive right into topics that will help you solve an immediate need, or you can follow them end-to-end to build skills, best practices—and confidence. This material will help you become production ready in all Fusion 360 workspaces.
Our first set of lessons covers sketching, where you can dig into specific topics like circular paterns or automatic sketch constraints, or you work through the whole program from Sketch philosophy and considerations to Fully defining sketches.
   Learning Fusion just got easier 2.png 
Our next set of comprehensive lessons will cover joints and assemblies, and we’ll publish that in late January. The full scope of end-to-end training material will be complete in June.
3. Inside of the Fusion 360 product experience itself, we’re updating tips inside of command palettes as well:
   Learning Fusion just got easier 3.png
Delivering in-product learning will continue to expand and help you shorten the time between questions that come up and answers that help you build mastery of Fusion 360.
Special thanks go to @jasonharrelson kicking off a thread that gave us more insight into how you learn to use software and what you need to be successful with Fusion 360. In the coming months you’ll see us systematically close the gaps you called out in “Learning Fusion is like riding a bike backwards.” Thanks to the rest of you who chimed in as well: @kb9ydn, @PhilProcarioJr , @Zephyr958, @rbtyod, @Oceanconcepts, @TMC.Engineering, @DonCheke, @daniel_lyall, @cekuhnen, @TrippyLighting, @maruska, @roambotics_scott , @fishtruk, @quiviran, @CGPM, @CadZebra, @aaronjlavender and @nadovich.

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