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Avatar herzinj May 7, 2015

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So, you keep saying “I wish Fusion could…” well, you’ve come to the right spot! The IdeaStation is the best way for you to share your ideas, with the broader community, on new features and functionality that you think we should develop for Fusion 360. Here’s a quick rundown of how to submit your ideas, and what happens to your idea once it is submitted.


lightbulbShare Your Idea

Before you make a new post, make sure the capability isn’t already in the product (via a quick search of help, forums, etc), and that someone hasn’t already submitted a similar idea. If they have, give it a vote, add a few comments and help rally some community support. Duplicate ideas submitted will be merged with pre-existing ideas. Also, be sure to check that it isn’t already on the Product Roadmap.


Everyone loves pictures, so be sure to include any mockups, visuals, or screenshots you think would help in conveying your idea so everyone gets it right off the bat. Follow these guidelines and your post should be good to go!


1. Search – Search your idea before submitting to avoid duplicates

2. Focus – Include only 1 idea per submission. If you have multiple ideas, create multi submissions.

3. Detail – Give your post a clear title, detailed description, and supporting visuals.

4. Tag – Good tagging means better visibility.




Gather Support 


Once your idea has been submitted, it will go into a status titled “Gathering Support” to collect votes. Now is the time to gather community support and get as many votes as you can! Be sure to check back to your idea as other users may post questions, comments or additional suggestions. The more votes your idea gets, the more visibility it’ll have with us, letting us know that this idea is gaining traction and may be higher priority than other ideas.




We Review


The product team meets 2 times a week and reviews the top 10 most voted ideas overall. This is when we change the ideas to one of the 3 statuses:





Lucky you! Your idea has been accepted which means it’s either already being worked on, or is being actively planned and slated to be released within the next 6 months. There is, however, a possibility that it may get delayed due to changes in product roadmap or focus on other higher priority projects.


We love the idea, but it’s quite a ways down the road. We don’t have a solid plan yet, but will consider it for future releases.



archivedExactly as it sounds, ideas are put into the Archives if they are 1) not something on the foreseeable horizon or we have no plans to implement, 2) not an idea or the idea did not meet our submission guidelines.  We do, however, routinely review the archives for feedback on projects as they come up and we are looking for additional customer feedback.


It’s possible that some ideas with lower votes are bound to be realistic, relatively low-effort, no-brainers to implement that we might accept and build into our release schedule. If your idea was Archived and you think that’s crazy, you can always re-submit and consider fine-tuning your idea a bit to help drive more votes.



Include as a Feature


If you receive an email about your idea status being changed to Implemented, it means that just made it into the product update that is going out that day! Before we change the status, we typically comment in the post to let you know that the idea is going to be released in a given update. We will also include your brilliant idea in our what’s new blog posts as a token of appreciation for your participation in making Fusion 360 better for the community!


It’s important to call out that the IdeaStation is only one form of input to our Product Roadmap, and its intent is to give you a place to voice your suggestions, while helping us gauge how interesting the idea is to the broader community.  Behind the scenes, we’re constantly balancing and prioritizing input from the IdeaStation against feedback we get from other sources such as the Forums and regular customer interactions.




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