February 2020 Product Update – What’s New

Keqing Song
by Keqing Song 1 year ago 1 min read


V.2.07463 – February 24, 2020


kschepens recently told us that when he tried to “copy footprint to library” so that he can continue to work on his PCB, Fusion 360 flashed a dialog for a second and then stopped working when he tried to invoke the option again. Sorry about that kschepens, we got this sorted out. “Copy footprint to library” should work fine now.


HarrySatt discovered an issue while he was trying to log into EAGLE and use Fusion 360 concurrently. Signing in Fusion 360 while he was logged into EAGLE caused some unexpected authentication weirdness. Apparently some wires got crossed, so we straightened them out and now both EAGLE and Fusion 360 work as expected.


• The Package Generator in Electronics Design is pretty awesome since it builds a variety of packages from scratch with a history timeline for each package. However while testing, we found a bug where changing the specs for a QFP (Quad Flat Package) and hitting Update Preview didn’t actually update the preview. Now it updates correctly.



V2.0.7438 – February 10, 2020


• We fixed an issue where your your toolbar customizations weren’t being saved properly – it would always revert back to the default.


•   kschepens told us about an issue where the dimension unit value refused to change after he selected from drop down list, and it always showed the “mic” unit in 2D PCB and Symbol/Footprint editor. This is now fixed.


• We also rolled out 40 some performance tweaks to Electronics Design so that it is running in tip-top shape.

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