Mike Mattera

aka Dr. CadCam is a Content Experience Designer (CXD) for Autodesk Fusion 360 Manufacturing and Inventor CAM. With a background in both the Machine Tool industry and the CAD/CAM software business, Mike has worked in a variety of positions. The opportunities of supporting the machine tool sales team, opened the doors to a wide variety of manufacturing disciplines and solving unique machining problems in industries servicing everything from consumer products, to military components. As the district sales representative for a major CAM software reseller, Mike increased sales from $220,000/yr. to $800,000/yr., in a 7-year period. But this was more than just a sales position, as Mike did his own demos, wrote postprocessors and created training material to help customers succeed. Eventually Mike started his own business creating CAD/CAM video training materials on a contract basis and for sale directly to the end user. These courses were used all over the world to teach everything from design, to basic machining, all the way up to multi-axis machining, for both milling and turning applications. Now Mike creates the help documentation and the ToolTips that pop in Fusion and Inventor CAM. In his free time Mike machines parts on the CNC Bridgeport mill in his garage, plays guitar, records music in his digital studio, mentors a local robotics team, works in the garden, goes camping, and rides his bike.