The democratisation of Consumer Product Design

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Agile product development can help you design your next breakthrough product line.

The growth of eCommerce, digital marketing and Named User Accounts gives consumer product companies more data than ever before on what their customers want from the brands they support.

To create breakthrough innovations in a rapidly changing market, Consumer product companies must respond to insights from their customer data and rapidly respond with solutions that customers will highly value, ahead of their competition

How could you benefit from agile product design?

By placing customer feedback at the heart of the design cycle, product innovation teams can more efficiently hone in on solutions that will succeed in the market.

Using mock-ups, 3D CAD renderings, AR/VR and physical prototypes to interact with customers, product development teams can iterate rapidly through many design concepts while incorporating feedback through each iteration. Learning about their customers in this way, helps to uncover customer needs and arrive at a solution that exceeds customer expectations.

Maintaining fast feedback loops in design development can help teams to validate concepts and provide feedback on the quality, performance, and price point of the solutions proposed. Teams can consider the impact of the full lifecycle of the product and more easily incorporate internal feedback from manufacturing or customer support.

Download The democratisation of Consumer Product Design to learn how agile consumer product design companies are taking advantage of digital transformation, and what big brands need to learn from small companies to keep up.