InfoDrainage 2024 launch: Design Logic Switch, FEH2022 support, and arc pipes

Samer Muhandes Samer Muhandes April 14, 2023

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Global Launch at Autodesk is the time of year that marks the release of the latest innovations for our software. For InfoDrainage, that means you’re now able to update to InfoDrainage 2024. Here’s what you can expect to find when you’re notified of the latest update from the Autodesk Access app.

How the Design Logic Switch works + FEH2022 rainfall methodology for the UK

Introducing Design Logic Switch

The Design Logic Switch is a new tool that improves the flexibility and efficiency of the drainage design process. This tool solves the problem of understanding trade-offs between conflicting design objectives by providing a user-friendly interface to help you to make informed decisions. The combo box allows you to easily select between two different design logics: one selection minimizes excavations and slope, while the other minimizes pipe diameters.

FEH 2022 support for the UK

InfoDrainage now supports the new Flood Estimation Handbook (FEH) 2022 design rainfall allowing the use of updated design rainfall methodology for the UK. You can use the most up-to-date and accurate design rainfall methodology and design more effective traditional and sustainable drainage systems. The updated runoff method is not yet supported as it hasn’t been released yet. Users who try to apply FEH22 on ReFH2 (2013 version) will be given a warning that they should use FEH13 instead.

Arc pipes for increased accuracy

Another capability that InfoDrainage can now boast is ease of use to export curved pipes to Civil 3D. With this new feature, the software no longer makes assumptions that the curved pipe is a series of polylines. Instead, you can now export curved pipes natively from InfoDrainage to Civil3D. This streamlines the workflow for designers who need to work with curved pipes and improve the accuracy and efficiency of their work.

A good introduction to round-tripping with Civil 3D.

New language localizations

Autodesk are committed to providing the best user experience to our customers and making our software accessible to everyone. We have expanded our software by translating the graphical user interface into several new languages. Now, users around the world can seamlessly navigate and use our software in Spanish, French, Japanese, and German, as well as UK and US English. Chinese users also now have an option, although it isn’t 100% complete at this time.

Want to dig deeper? You can read the full release notes and bug fixes, as well as look into the future of InfoDrainage by visiting our public product roadmap.

Not an InfoDrainage devotee yet? Download a 30-day free trial of our stormwater drainage design software – no credit card required.

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