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Parrod Perrine Parrod Perrine June 3, 2022

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Do you have trouble getting institutional buy-in for getting funds approved for your capital improvement plans or managing operations and maintenance (O&M) budgets effectively? We know that capital planners and O&M managers would like more tools to help visualize the justification of asset interventions they’re proposing.

Today, we’re releasing a new update to Info360 Asset that includes a brand-new tool for capital planning guidance to recommend key asset actions in the short- to long-term horizon, and to help you get the buy-in you need – Rehabilitation Decision Trees.

In addition, Info360 Asset now includes a better experience for inspection media upload, additional mapping visualization, as well as an enhanced inspection data editor.

Guiding your renewal decisions

The new Rehabilitation Decision Tree functionality in Info360 Asset is designed to help asset practitioners prescribe interventions in a clear and logical way by showing all of the options at hand and where each decision came from. Whether you are planning rehabilitation internally, or contracting with consultants to do so, Info360 Asset can now help you drive rehabilitation, renewals, replacements, and further inspections based on a set of logical guidelines that you set yourself.

Overview of the Decision Tree canvas interface and adding a query expression

With this new functionality, you can easily articulate queries based on asset attributes or physical characteristics, inspections, condition scores, or risk analysis. Complex queries can be constructed directly in the UI, with no need for elaborate SQL queries or advanced programming skills. The functionality provides an interactive picture you can use to visualize the assumptions and logic (e.g., AND, OR, TRUE, FALSE) between each of your query expression.

You can graphically display your prescribed actions, set unit cost for each possible action to develop budget, and share these with stakeholders to determine which assets in your wastewater system should be repaired, replaced, or re-inspected. It’s a fully transparent approach that can help you justify your proposed asset actions and share your capital improvement plans for engineering study, planning permission, and detailed budgeting.

Other Decision Tree features highlights

When building the Rehabilitation Decision Tree functionality, our mantra was “powerful, yet easy to use”. We streamlined the decision tree building and management processes for users to make it easy for them to customize their decision trees to meet their business needs, without requiring expert help. This new feature can help you:

Upload inspections effortlessly

We’ve improved the inspection uploader to be more intelligent with file queuing. Now, a user can drag and drop thousands of files directly in the browser, and let it run for hours, even days, without issue. We’ve also added progress bars, so you can better estimate when your upload will complete.

Use and manage data more easily

These new user experience enhancements are designed to help you become more productive when conducting repeated work within Info360 Asset:

GIS layers representation in Info360 Asset’s Data Center

A better shared understanding of risk – and better sharing, too

Risk modelers who use our software were already able to review weighted likelihood of failure (LoF) and consequence of failure (CoF) scores to understand where risk grades and scores came from. Now you can also view each asset’s raw risk score, which can provide greater transparency into how each component of LoF and CoF initial scoring compare for a given asset.

Do you need to share your condition data and risk results in other applications for further analysis or ingestion in another application? You can also now export Risk Details, PACP and MACP Inspection and Condition Summary reports in CSV format.

Risk results and LoF and CoF components for an asset, showing raw and weighted scores

Learn more

If you would like to know more about Info360 Asset and how it can help you and your organization, do get in touch.

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