Video of the Month: Learn About Generative Design

generative design

What the heck is generative design? For the January video of the month, we’re exploring just that.

Basically, it’s all about telling the software what you want to make and giving it specific constraints. Only want a part or product to weigh so much? Handle a certain load? You provide the constraints and generative design provides you options—tons of options, most of which we couldn’t have imagined ourselves with optimization of materials, performance, and more. It’s up to you to find what may be best and what will meet your goals. With generative design, you truly get a new design partner that, quite literally, helps generate a design with you based on what you want.

Want to learn about generative design in less than two minutes? Check out this video that will give you a great overview for starters:

If you’re ready to go even deeper, take a look at Autodesk’s Brian Mathews presentation at Amazon Web Services re:Invent 2017. It’s pretty incredible what’s happening now with generative design.

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