Top 10 AutoCAD Articles and Tips in 2022

Best of AutoCAD 2022

Here we are—already at the end of 2022! From the release of AutoCAD 2023 to the debut of the new AutoCAD Web, it’s been a banner year of innovations and features for better collaboration, deeper insights, and automation.

Here on the blog, we’ve focused on the tips and expertise to help you take advantage of everything AutoCAD has to offer. Let’s look back at 10 of our top articles and tips from 2022. (And in no particular order—we won’t play favorites!) We can’t wait to share more with you in 2023.

1. Introducing the AutoCAD Podcast with Marcus O’Brien

Did you know the AutoCAD team has its very own podcast now? Marcus O’Brien, Vice President of AutoCAD, kicked off the first of three episodes. Check out the article for a guide to the episode interviews—including AutoCAD team insight on the future of AutoCAD—and how to listen on SpotifyApple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts. Stay tuned for more in the future!

2. Blocks Palette – To Be or Not to Be a Blockhead: Tuesday Tips With Frank

Frank Mayfield shares a great breakdown of the Blocks palette—and why he became a fan. “Blocks palette literally takes all the good things about all the other insertion methods and collects them into a one-stop block shop (say that three times fast),” he writes. Learn more here.

3. Fighting Climate Change With AutoCAD: Heirloom Creates New Carbon Removal Process With Minerals

Minerals could help us fight climate change. Yes, minerals. Heirloom, a startup based in San Francisco and part of the Autodesk Foundation Energy & Materials portfolio, is innovating a new approach to fighting climate change with direct air capture via carbon mineralization. Learn how they are using AutoCAD and the Electrical toolset to make it a reality.

Heirloom AutoCAD

4. How to Become a Better CAD Manager

Donnie “The CAD Geek” Gladfelter shares tips on how to become a better CAD manager. And it’s not just all about technology—it’s also self-reflection. If you’re a CAD manager, let’s see if you can relate with this article.

5. Have You Tried

Every month, we feature a new “Have You Tried” for you. It’s hard to choose just one, so be sure to scroll through the full series. Want to learn more about match properties, commands, recovering/repairing drawings, and so much more? Head on over because new tips abound!

6. Introducing AutoCAD Web: Collaborate Anywhere with Essential Design and Drafting Capabilities for Your Everyday Needs

To support the evolving ways in which our customers are getting their work done, Autodesk has launched AutoCAD Web: a new offering that makes it easier than ever to work anytime, anywhere, on any device. Check out the article to find out how it can help you use AutoCAD—wherever you are.

7. What’s New in AutoCAD 2023?

OK, so technically this isn’t one article. It’s a series of articles released after the announcement of AutoCAD 2023. But they all give more specifics and details of why the new features matter and how they help make a difference in your work. Don’t miss these articles and make sure you’re taking advantage of all AutoCAD 2023 has to offer.

8. Transforming the Macademia Nut Industry in Kenya: Making an Impact With AutoCAD

Discover how Exotic EPZ used AutoCAD to redesign their processing factory to create more space for new machine installation and an expanded workforce as the demand for its macadamia nuts increased. After the redesign, the factory’s processing capacity increased from 5 tons to 10 tons per day and created jobs for 122 workers, 85% of whom are women and 75% youth.

Directors at Exotic EPZ

9. Start Me Up: AutoCAD Switches –Tuesday Tips With Frank

Sorry, the title of this article may just get the Rolling Stones’ song stuck in your head! Frank Mayfield shares how to edit and use startup switches that can control how AutoCAD launches from the desktop.

10. 7 Tips for a More Successful Training Program

Training can be…fun? “Just because it’s a highly technical topic doesn’t mean AutoCAD training must be dull and otherwise sleep-inducing. I often refer to what I do as a trainer as “edutainment,” says Donnie Gladfelter. Check out all his tips for a better training program.

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