#AU2022: Introducing the AutoCAD podcast with Marcus O’Brien


With Autodesk University back in person for 2022, we’ve been keeping in mind the fact that lots of our audience is following along at home around the globe, and it’s for that reason why we’ve decided to do something special this year.

VP of AutoCAD, Marcus O’Brien, will be hosting a podcast live from the AU show floor featuring some special guests covering all things AutoCAD. You’ll hear about everything from AU updates, to chats with Autodesk leadership, to the future of CAD. The podcast will give you a behind the scenes look into some of the most powerful features driving the tool you know and love.

Episode 1: The Future of AutoCAD

Recorded live from the show floor at Autodesk University 2022, we hear from Dania El Hassan, Director of Product Management for the AutoCAD product line, followed by Rob Maguire, Vice President of the AEC Design Platform. Both of our guests talk through their vision for AutoCAD—looking at how far we’ve come to where we’re going—as we continue to delight our users with new automations and collaboration features every day.

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Episode 2: Machine Learning & Automation in Design

Marcus dives into the details with Dan Whitcombe, Sr. Product Manager for AutoCAD, and Nicolas Bonnet, Sr. Director of Data Science. Both work on the Autodesk teams directly responsible for the powerful machine learning and automation capabilities that drive AutoCAD towards the future of design—helping users design and draft more efficiently and proficiently. Join us as we go behind the scenes.

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Episode 3: Late night with the CAD Geek

In a special after-hours session, Marcus catches up with the CAD Geek, Donnie Gladfelter. He shares his personal journey with AutoCAD, favorite features, and stories of how he challenged his initial thoughts on AutoCAD on the Web. In addition to a successful blog, Donnie continues to host one of the most popular AutoCAD classes attended every year at Autodesk University—learn more about what inspires him to teach and train every single day.

Listen to this episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts.

Ahead of the release of all our episodes, you can subscribe to the podcast on your preferred streaming services at the links below:


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We will update this post with the episodes and the direct links to them once they become available.

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