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August Autodesk Expert Elite

Each month, the Autodesk Expert Elite Highlight Series—see links, below, to all entries since February—serves up rich, Autodesk product-related content on AutodeskHelp. Makes sense. Autodesk Expert Elites are marked by their product expertise and their commitment to sharing knowledge, providing leadership, and collaborating in ways that strengthen our community to everyone’s benefit. And AutodeskHelp is your one-stop shop for the latest solutions, breaking news, and behind-the-scenes access to the world of Autodesk support.

The series covers a huge range of topics. Everything from instructions for setting up the Classic Workspace and dragging and dropping files into AutoCAD, to what you should consider when you’re shopping for the perfect Autodesk Inventor workstation, to guidance on integrating Revit, Fusion 360, and Dynamo so you can create a fluid workflow of a Voronoi pattern.

But even more impressive than the series’ topical range is the depth and clarity of each article. It’s clear that all the authors have earned their Autodesk Expert Elite honorific.

Read on!

February Expert Elite Highlight: Luciana Klein offers step-by-step instructions for setting up the Classic Workspace in AutoCAD 2016.

February Autodesk Expert Elite

March Expert Elite Highlight: Sam Lucido offers tips on dragging and dropping files into AutoCAD 2016.

March Autodesk Expert Elite

April Expert Elite Highlight: Todd Rogers recommends how to customize label styles for structures in profile view in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

April Autodesk Expert Elite

May Expert Elite Highlight: Dzan Ta provides valuable tips for installing Autodesk Building Design Suite, and takes a look at Revit performance, on Windows 10 OS machines.

May Autodesk Expert Elite

June Expert Elite Highlight: Neil Cross analyzes the ideal workstation for running Autodesk Inventor.

June Autodesk Expert Elite

July Expert Elite Highlight: Dario Passariello evaluates Autodesk 3ds Max 2017, paying careful attention to what’s new.

July Autodesk Expert Elite

August Expert Elite Highlight: Alfredo Medina explores Revit adaptive families within a theme park setting.

August Autodesk Expert Elite

September Expert Elite Highlight: Karam Baki shows how to integrate Revit, Fusion 360, and Dynamo to create a fluid workflow of a Voronoi pattern.

September Autodesk Expert Elite

October Expert Elite Highlight: Nauman Mysorewala explores ways you can maximize productivity, with minimal time and effort, by using free Revit apps.

October Autodesk Expert Elite

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