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About the program

The Autodesk Expert Elite program was created to recognize customers around the world who have contributed a significant amount of time, knowledge, and assistance to our customer support community. These people have demonstrated a strong sense of leadership and use an engaging style of collaboration that contributes to a healthy and valuable customer community.

Expert Elite members have an enthusiasm for Autodesk software products that is visible in their attitude and interactions within our customer community, and represent the voice of some of our most invested users.

The Autodesk Expert Elite program has over 160 members representing 23 different countries and have experience using a multitude of Autodesk software products, from AutoCAD to Maya to Fusion 360, in their everyday work.

If you think you’re a fit for the Autodesk Expert Elite program or know someone who would be, please fill out our nomination form. We encourage you to include a bit about your professional background and your experience in the Autodesk forums.

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Featured Member - Luke Johnson

I started using Revit around March 2007, and I started blogging Revit at What Revit Wants in October 2008 (it has now had over 1.6 million pageviews). I am highly motivated to keep learning and keep sharing, and I enjoy being a part of the Revit community, and the larger Autodesk community too. Read More