Autodesk University 2015 Recorded AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT Classes Now Online

Autodesk University 2015 general session. AU 2015 recorded AutoCAD and LT classes now online.

Just like the past holiday season, Autodesk University (AU) 2015 may be gone but it doesn’t have to be forgotten. Dozens of recorded AutoCAD classes and AutoCAD LT classes are now online—and dressed up with a festive assortment of downloadable resources—so you can think of AU 2015 as the gift that keeps on giving. Gift wrapping not available.

Autodesk University 2015 AutoCAD and LT recorded classes online. Logo and tagline.

Autodesk University 2015: Gone but not forgotten. Actually, not even gone.

Each week for the next few months we’ll blog about a few AU 2015 recorded AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT classes that we know users will love. How do we know you’ll love them? Because we’re curating only those classes that actual AU 2015 attendees have reported as their very favorites, that’s how.

Start with the three surefire pulse quickeners below.

Fast-paced, recorded AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT classes from Autodesk University 2015

  • AutoCAD Jeopardy: Think you’ll get the right AutoCAD “trivia” answers faster than a roomful of power users? No prizes to claim but you’re welcome to all the bragging rights you can muster. Game card included.
  • 60 AutoCAD Tips in 60 Minutes: The tips come fast and furious in this whirlwind of productivity boosters from Cadalyst Columnist and Autodesk Technical Evangelist Lynn Allen. Lynn’s Tip and Tricks booklet for AutoCAD 2016 included.
  • AutoCAD Super-Duper Click Savers: Learn the secrets for streamlining your daily AutoCAD tasks, and use your time saved for the important stuff. 23-page handout (and 73-page PowerPoint) included as reference.

AU 2015 recorded AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT classes coming up!

  1. AU 2015 AutoCAD Recorded Classes: AutoCAD Customization Boot Camps—Develop or extend your AutoCAD customization chops (two classes)
  2. AU 2015 AutoCAD Recorded Classes: What’s New, What’s Next—Learn what’s changed from AutoCAD 2015 to AutoCAD 2016—and check out what’s in store for AutoCAD 2017 (two classes)
  3. AU 2015 AutoCAD Recorded Classes: AutoCAD Secrets Exposed!—Get off the AutoCAD beaten path and discover some of the software’s more discreet charms
  4. AU 2015 AutoCAD Recorded Classes: Palling Around with Tool Palettes—Find out the simplest way to maintain company standards (two classes)
  5. AU 2015 AutoCAD Recorded Classes: The Most Dynamic Class on the Block—Slash your block library and save tons of time on the back end
  6. AU 2015 AutoCAD Recorded Classes: .NET Code + AutoCAD I/O—Add design intelligence to your website by integrating .net code with AutoCAD I/O web services
  7. AU 2015 AutoCAD Recorded Classes: Introducing AutoCAD.IO V2—See what’s in AutoCAD I/O V2
  8. AU 2015 AutoCAD Recorded Classes: SQL Server Data  + .NET Add-Ins—Bring enterprise data power to your AutoCAD .NET add-ins
  9. AU 2015 AutoCAD Recorded Classes: How I Learned to Create Autodesk Product Add-Ins in 3 Months—AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, and Inventor. In three months.
  10. AU 2015 AutoCAD Recorded Classes: Exploring Entity Framework for AutoCAD Development—Intro to Microsoft’s object-relational mapper framework
  11. AU 2015 AutoCAD Recorded Classes: Exposing Hidden Functionality for AutoCAD .NET Application Development—Extend managed ObjectARX libraries
  12. AU 2015 AutoCAD Recorded Classes: No Sheet—You Can Do That with the SSM
  13. AU 2015 AutoCAD Recorded Classes: The Adventures of Buckaroo CADman Across the New Dimension
  14. AU 2015 AutoCAD Recorded Classes for Beginners and Beyond: AutoCAD 3D Modeling
  15. AU 2015 AutoCAD Recorded Classes: Deploying AutoCAD Using AutoLISP

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