Apps for Working With AutoCAD and Concrete

AutoCAD and concrete

If you’re working with concrete for your AutoCAD projects, there are quite a few app resources at your disposal. Here are a few that might help when approaching reinforced concrete or concrete beams in your designs.

Reinforcement Dynamic Block

Simply put, the ReinforcementDynamicBlock app makes drawing reinforcement sections easier. According to the developer, “This block is very useful when drawing a reinforced concrete section because it automatically makes custom dimension rebar shapes (different kind of stirrups, U form, L form).” Best of all, it can also be used with specialized toolsets, including ArchitectureElectrical, MechanicalMEP, and Plant 3D. It’s available for $9.99 here.

Reinforcement Dynamic Block AutoCAD

Concrete Beams App

The ConcBeam3D-19 app “quickly creates 3D concrete beams, with chamfer, by selecting two horizontal points. There are also the options to add elevation or selecting two points based on the beam elevation. “Beams can be square or rectangular with user input width, depth, chamfer, and top of beam elevation,” writes developer SoftDraft. It is also compatible with the Architecture, Mechanical, MEP, and Plant 3D toolsets. The $9.99 app is available for purchase here.

Concrete Beams App AutoCAD

CMU Factory

In addition to the concrete beams app, SoftDraft also offers CMUFactory. This app “creates a wide variety of concrete masonry unit blocks in Plan view with multiple options for each end condition and face conditions.” Also included are a number of preset selections for different sizes. The app can be used with the Architecture, Mechanical, and MEP toolsets, and it’s available for $19.99 here.

CMU Factory AutoCAD


AutoRebar is your one-stop app for reinforced concrete detailing and automatic bar bending schedules. According to the developer, “AutoRebar is an app that provides an extra toolbar with specific objects for rebar detailing of reinforced concrete structures. With AutoRebar you can now easily produce high quality drawings quickly by automating the repetitive tasks previously involved in rebar detailing.”

The easy-to-use app increase productivity and includes four types of dynamic objects: Rebars, Marks, Call-outs, and BBS. It’s ready to go when using Architecture, Electrical, Mechanical, MEP, and Plant 3D toolsets. You can see all the details to purchase here.

AutoCAD ReBar app

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