Synchronize Files Between Civil 3D Cloud Projects Using Bridge

Jeff Bartels Jeff Bartels July 10, 2024

1 min read

Historically, Civil 3D projects hosted in the cloud have had limited access to content stored outside the primary project folder. Using the new Bridge feature, however, project files can easily be shared (and updated) between projects, even if those projects reside within different accounts!

A bridge represents data synchronization from a host project to a receiving project. Once configured, any changes made to “bridged” files in the host project will version up their respective copies in the receiving project(s). This connection allows any cloud-based Civil 3D project to leverage files from any other cloud project and ensure they always have the latest versions.

Check out this quick video that walks through the features of the new Bridge tool. In the recording, we explore “static” vs. “automated” bridges, pausing/resuming bridges, reviewing the history of transactions, and more.

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