Enhance Project Efficiency with New Markup Import Tool in Civil 3D

John Sayre John Sayre June 12, 2024

2 min read

Civil engineering projects rely on effective collaboration within large complex files. The new Markup Import tool that is now available in Autodesk Civil 3D supports just that.

The new functionality consolidates revisions and feedback from Autodesk Docs into Civil 3D drawings, making it easier to track and incorporate changes. Here’s how Markup Import in Civil 3D streamlines feedback and improves project efficiency.

See how the Markup Import tool in Civil 3D can support your business.

Consolidate revisions in Civil 3D

Autodesk Docs offers robust markup tools that help teams review and comment on design and engineering drawings. Users can quickly and easily markup a PDF file when they plot it from Autodesk Civil 3D 2025 to its project location in Autodesk Docs.

The new Markup Import tool allows these markups to be synchronized to the drawing in Civil 3D. Markups can be synced for all project collaborators, so that feedback from everyone on the team is incorporated into the appropriate trace layer.

The trace layer is driven by the pdf in Autodesk Docs. As collaborators add to the markups in the pdf in Docs, all markups will be tied to the one trace layer in Civil 3D. This allows a single view of all feedback in Civil 3D, making it easier to manage and act on comments.

Collaborate on Autodesk Docs, Civil 3D, and AutoCAD

The Markup Import tool can also sync markups in Autodesk Docs to AutoCAD, making it simpler to address feedback relating to the AutoCAD base drawings.

This documents all comments consistently across project files, streamlining reviews and edits. Notifications of markups can be shared with all team members, to keep everyone up to date on changes.

Act on real-time feedback with Markup Import

Once markups are synced to Civil 3D, any additional feedback left in Autodesk Docs will continue to update within the trace layer in the Civil 3D drawing.

This dynamic updating process allows users to review and incorporate feedback without needing to leave Civil 3D. The latest revisions are always available, facilitating an iterative, responsive design process.

Streamline your workflow

By synchronizing markups from Autodesk Docs and consolidating feedback within Civil 3D and AutoCAD files, the Markup Imports tool helps users reduce the time spent switching between applications.

It also improves collaboration by ensuring all team members are aware of the latest feedback, streamlining design reviews and project workflows.

Learn more about the Civil 3D Markup Import tool.

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