The Data Exchange Connector for Civil 3D is now in Beta! 

Philippe Videau Philippe Videau July 18, 2023

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Co-author: Gaurav Bhamre (Product Manager, Cloud Platform)

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Data Exchange Connector for Civil 3D. This new connector empowers you to curate and share specific subsets of data seamlessly between Civil 3D, Revit, Rhino, Dynamo, Grasshopper, Inventor, and Microsoft Power Automate. With this connector, you can simplify how you exchange data across your tools as well as enhance data integrity throughout your BIM workflows – without having to deal with manual file translations, saving you time on rework and manual errors. Data you share remains synchronized with source files and models, ensuring your stakeholders always have access to the latest information in their tool of choice, even if they don’t have access to Civil 3D itself.

bridge design in Civil 3D
Curate and share the data that’s relevant to your stakeholders.

3 Key Benefits of the Civil 3D Connector

Accurate sharing of site designs

Surveyors and civil engineers can now share site designs created in Civil 3D – such as terrain surfaces, road alignments, and grading information – with apps like Revit and Rhino, all through the cloud (via Autodesk Docs). Civil 3D users can share precise subsets of data – for example, by layer, object, or via selection – removing the need to spend countless hours curating and exporting different DWG sets. That enables architects and designers to easily incorporate precise site information into their building designs, ensuring proper coordination with the built world. 

Additionally, surface models from applications like Rhino and Grasshopper can be brought into Civil 3D, where you can use its specialized tools for surface analysis, grading, and further design.

Seamlessly bring site design data and infrastructure objects across a variety of tools, all through the cloud.

Better coordination between civil and structural disciplines

With the Data Exchange Connector, you can seamlessly import Civil 3D infrastructure designs, including pipes, culverts, and utilities, directly into Revit. You can now enhance coordination between civil and structural disciplines, ensuring accurate placement of building elements around existing or planned infrastructure.

The same goes for road and infrastructure design elements from Revit. Those too can be shared through our connector for Civil 3D, empowering users to leverage the specialized road design tools within Civil 3D to refine designs, create corridors, and generate construction documentation.

Save time exchanging a variety of civil infrastructure data from Civil 3D to building design tools, like Revit.

Enhance decision-making with visualization, automation, and manufacturing integrations

Beyond integrations with Revit and Rhino, you can connect your exchanged data from Civil 3D to visualization and analytical tools, like the Autodesk Viewer and (soon) Microsoft Power BI. With these tools, you can share site context and metrics beyond design disciplines to a broader audience that might include project managers and business owners. Many stakeholders may not have access to Civil 3D or other core authoring tools but nevertheless deal with design data in their day-to-day – this connector makes it easier to bring them into the fold and into your design discussions.

For the automation-inclined, you can use our integrations with tools like Microsoft Power Automate, Dynamo, and Grasshopper to scale your workflows. Connect your civil infrastructure data to automatically update spreadsheets and dashboards through Power Automate. Or, bring over computationally designed building components in Dynamo and Grasshopper into your Civil 3D space.

Use visual programming tools like Dynamo to enrich how shared infrastructure data comes into apps like Revit.

Last but not least, for those who require interoperability between Civil 3D and manufacturing tools, you can easily share your infrastructure designs, such as piping, to detailing and simulation apps, like Inventor – all through our connector ecosystem.

Download the Data Exchange Connector for Civil 3D today!

Join our early access program for the Civil 3D Connector through the Autodesk App Store. You can also download our early access versions of Revit 2024, Dynamo, Grasshopper, and Inventor Connectors, as well as our other publicly released connectors, via the App Store. You will need access to Autodesk Docs, as exchanges are stored and managed through that hosting provider today. 

Provide your feedback directly in our early access program forum – it plays a vital role in shaping the development of future connectors and improving how we interoperate across apps and share data across teams. For more information, visit our Data Exchange site, public roadmap, and community forum. Stay tuned for future updates, new connectors, and expanded features!

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