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Industry Talk / London 2019
Getting Your Hands Dirty with BIM 360 Build and Field
How can you deliver a building with BIM 360 classic Field and Build (next gen). What are the differences and why is BIM 360 a great tool? We put a form in the system as a checklist so that every room in the building could be checked on flaws, mistakes, and defects. It is the perfect world when these issues are sent directly to the person responsible for that part. In our case we couldn't get our partners to use BIM 360 in the right way. But even with this minor problem we had control over all our issues and could manage without using Excel or Word. This was with BIM 360 classic Field and actually it worked quite well. We had to wait with BIM 360 Build (next gen) because the feature 'signatures' wasn't available yet. But when it was, the process to deliver became even better, because we didn't have to synchronise anymore! Now the data on the iPad was immediately the same as on the computer or smartphone for that matter. When I told my colleagues about the app on the phone they were very excited. Our quality and safety guy was really enthusiastic about BIM 360 Field but couldn't see an overview of the same issues in the projects, so we build a website that shows us all data that is in the cloud. This is also very helpful to look at the big picture and what can we learn from this. Using Python with the modules flask and pandas, we were able to do a company-wide data analysis. With this analysis we had more insights in what was happening on the construction site. Implementing BIM 360 in an analogue workflow is tough. Colleagues are used to print, draw, sketch, sign, email to a partner, and wait for an answer. With BIM 360 this process is very different. We mail every question, from RFI to review assignments. But with BIM 360 we now have more control over our reviews and RFIs.
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