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Driving Productivity with BIM 360 Project Management.

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    A large number of technology point solutions attempt to address project management workflows by providing tools for managing RFIs and submittals. Unfortunately, these tools can also create additional confusion by forcing teams to switch between apps, while increasing the potential for data loss and missed communications.   Join the BIM 360 product management team to explore the capabilities of BIM 360 Build in support of project management and project controls workflows, including the management of RFIs and Submittals. This session will cover how customers can customize BIM 360 to meet the contractual procedures, communication processes, and standards set for your projects. In addition, it will provide an update on the newest capabilities in the BIM 360 Project Management module.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the latest project management capabilities in BIM 360
    • Understand how to set up and control the flow of information and approvals to ensure RFI and submittal processes align with contractual procedures
    • Understand the value of managing RFIs and Submittals in a single platform to improve communication and visibility